Sunday, 13 January 2013

day 2 the tape measure is taken away

After a remeasure twice ,the plank is too short my brother cant understand how this has happened as he is in charge of teh measuring ,,the tape is duley taken off him and he with draws after he has helped me put the roof on he with draws and i end up hanging the walls by myself ,with help from a clamp, my dad has arived and  teh two of them go off talking ,my aunt and uncle arive and we all go off talking and  the shed is on hold ,but i do sneek in the hanging of tehdoor ,bloking holes setting out were i want my couch cuboard ,and easel desk and wall space for paintinggs i wonder why the one thing ive prayed for asked around and no one will give is awindow ,now i realise it would ve been a wasted space as paintings hang on all foour walls and the light in from theclear roof infg is adiquit, and teh electric lighting ive installed is great ,the piping came from next door to lay the elerctric cable ,it was gas pipping as thegass works out side our house were being redone ,and i slid tehcable into the casing using a piece of string on a ball odf paper sucked through with a vacume cleaner ,great idea ,my brother was tired maybe from jet lag i dont know but he sure slept alot ,

day one of the shed build

My oldest brother had come  to see my mom before she died ,but sadly he missed her by one day ,the crematorium  had a back log so it was 2 weeks before we could deal with her ,so i had to empty the house and of course build a studio space were i could now paint ,I asked him for help .,and first and foremost the shed wasent going to cost us anything ,as i was broke after funeral expenses ,so we went round to all the , skips in  town, and the first one we asked at the foreman was relay friendly he was glad we could get would out ,as long as we left it in a tidy state ,he was up for us climbing in and getting out our materials ,it turned out it had all the side trusses ,roof trusses ,and heaps of skirting ,wood furfinishing off.My brother was horrified at all teh wood jutting out the car ,and also how layed back i was ,about the excess petruding out the car ,i have never thought the police would stop me i wasn't stealing or in my mind doing anything illegal ,any way home safely we unloaded ,went off again and collected damaged cement bags rusted ground truss holdings ,and finally called in to wicks were i was convinced we wouldn't have to pay for new clear roofing ,We found in amoungs teh roof sheets there was a damaged one and one theat loked forign ,after suminsing teh manager ,he sugeted if we didnt want ot pay rthte full price ,we should just put £10 in his charity bow and the sheet was ours ,to my brothers horrr again the 4 metre sheet was straped to the roof of teh cart and off we went he being amazed at my nonulant attitude toward teh plice ,who i stil lwasent convinced wed be stopped ,any way we got home ,aant set to getting in  the foundations ,feeling good at Gods goodness tous and the kindness of strangers ,we set teh post with big brother taking charge ,measuring re measuring and yes remeasuring ,all post were sert concrete set till tomorow ,off again for more wood palletetsflooring from extention just up the road ,+pallets for flooring and door sheds from missys work ,al for wal s it was great it realy came together fast ,this was great the shed had come together in just 2 days ,